Monday, October 14, 2013

Kaspersky Antivirus 2013 Free Download Full Version With Key -

Kaspersky Antivirus 2013 Free Download Full Version With Key - 

Kaspersky Anti Virus 2013 is the backbone of your PC's security system, working behind the scenes to deliver the fastest and most trusted virus and spyware protection in the world.
It delivers highly affordable world class PC and server protection that is quick and simple to install, configure and use. You can manage your entire business network security from a single PC performing all the tasks needed to keep your business reputation safe and your confidential information secure, without leaving your desk. Kaspersky Small Office Security takes care of your network’s protection so you can take care of your business.
Real time protection from Internet threats
With Kaspersky Lab’s powerful malware signature database, frequent updates and real time protection capabilities, your valuable business data remains safe from even the latest IT threats, while scans run in the background without disturbing your employees, allowing them to stay focused on their work.
Centralized security management of your server and PCs
Kaspersky Small Office Security’s powerful yet simple interface makes protecting your business network straightforward. You can manage the protection of your entire system from one PC: choose when to launch scans and backup tasks, or check when you need to renew your license, it’s all so easy!
Control web and application usage
Kaspersky Small Office Security helps you to maintain productivity in the workplace. Now you can control who uses social network or gaming sites during working hours, limit file downloads and manage employee Internet and application access. Reports detailing network PC usage are quick and easy to generate too.
Real time protection for business operations
Kaspersky Small Office Security is flexible enough to meet your business’ needs. Choose when and how often you back up your valuable business data; store and securely transfer sensitive information in encrypted, password protected files run the Password Manager utility to generate, store and auto-insert hard-to-crack passwords and use File Shredder to irreversibly delete sensitive data.
No IT expertise required
Never managed network security before? No problem! Kaspersky Small Office Security has been especially designed to provide world-class protection for your business network, without the need to be an IT genius, so your network will be protected in no time.


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