Friday, October 11, 2013

Free Download Talk It! Full Version

Free Download Talk It! Full Version


 Talk it is also called Talk Any, is a popular text to speech software by SoftVoice.Inc and was originally included in the Windows 95 version of Microsoft Plus! under the name Microsoft Plus! that is used for kids. It was used to teach children pronunciation of words and for simple text to speech purposes, including narration and accessibility. Talk It! has two languages, Spanish and English. It was one of the first programs to properly pronounce two different languages.
If you want to have fun and entertainment using your PC and its capability to create voices , so get prepared for Talk It!. This software is capable of pronouncing any word or sentence that you write. To do so, it includes software that create the sounds that correspond to each letter and its intonation. Talk it reads aloud any written sentence or word , allowing you to configure many of the voices aspects, men or women, boy or girl, it can even be configured so as to sound like a robot or alien guarenteeing many hours of entertainment.  



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