Saturday, October 12, 2013

Download Snow Bros 1 Game Free Full version Free Download

Download Snow Bros 1 Game Free Full version Free Download

It was arcade game and Snow Bros was released in 1990. Developer was Toaplan and publisher was Toaplan, Romstar, Capcom and Tengen. In this game, main characters are two snowmen, The first one is Nick and second one is Tom. Each player can throw snow at the enemies. The player through snow on the enemies until it is completely covered. When turn into snowball then you can hit and roll this on enemies. If you roll them all enemies with one snowball so then, money in the form of large green bills will fall from the sky. These disappear in a very short amount of time but are worth 10,000 points each, the most the player can get as a bonus.

Fifty levels are in this game and after completing every tenth level, you will face a Boss. When a player bowls an enemy over, it may drop a potion bottle. The color of the potion lets the player know what special power-up he will acquire.
Red bottle increase the walking speed.
Yellow bottle increase the distance that snow can be thrown.
Blue bottle increase the amount of snow throw and it is easier to cover the enemy in snow throw. These color bottles are effected when until lose the life.


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