Friday, June 28, 2013

GOM Player 1.2.50 Build 5145 Final 2013 Free Download

Download GOM Player 1.2.50 Build 5145 Final 2013 - It is now many types and forms such software with a variety of needs. There is a software multimedia, browser, antivirus, tools and so forth.

Indeed any software designed and made ​​depending on the needs, such as a video player software that soon we discussed this. With all its advantages over similar software GOM Player has a lot of fans belonging to me.

GOM Player - video player software that is very unique and extraordinary in my opinion. This software has small size and light weight saaat on the run. GOM Player is also capable of playing almost all popular video formats without having to need a codec. Perhaps you are more familiar with Media Player Classic which was first launched. But this is one of gomplayer great alternative to air-play video subtitle. Only a few steps, you are able to import the subtitle.

In every PC that I have to use GOM Player software installed. And if you are just like me, which is user-made video player application GOMLab.


  • Smooth playback of video content at a relatively slow computers

  • Complete independence from external decoders

  • Various display modes (TV, monitor, projector)

  • Full DVD playback

  • Playing video files damaged

  • Fast rewind by frame

  • Control the frequency of regeneration

  • Repeat function and frame skipping

  • Bookmarks (memoryze time favorite scenes and jump to the touch)

  • Work with elected

  • Set the image (brightness, contrast, saturation, gamma)

  • Use of special effects: smoothing, perangkat lunak conversion, the addition of noise


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