Wednesday, May 1, 2013

DuMeter 6.05 Free Download With patch

DU Meter is an Internet usage monitor for your computer. It shows
real-time graphs and can create reports and alerts based on your
downloads and uploads.

Have you ever found yourself wondering why some downloads seem
to take an eternity to complete, or why your e-mail program seems to be
stuck in the middle of e-mail retrieval. Is it really hanging, or maybe
it's just downloading a large e-mail attachment? DU Meter provides the
answer to these and other mysteries, and can also alert you of dangerous
or unexpected network activity. Watching your data transfer rates can
be very enlightening no matter what you do online, and you'll soon be
wondering how you managed without DU Meter before.

What's New:

  • New feature: Command-line access to DU Meter. It is possible to operate DU Meter's stopwatch from scripts and batch files.

  • New feature: Clearing the DU Meter graph. If DU Meter's graph
    scaling or averaging gets in your way, you can clear the graph with just
    one click.

  • New translation: Thanks to Pierluigi Callegarin, DU Meter is now available in Italian!

  • Change in functionality: The less frequently used functions of DU
    Meter pop-up menu are demoted to a secondary (alternative) menu. It can
    be accessed by holding the SHIFT key while opening the pop-up menu.

  • Improved performance and better error reporting.

  • Numerous bug fixes and minor enhancements.

Size : 3.14MB


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