Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Spelling checker pen on paper

Do you have interest to about one new technology of spelling checker the name of that project is Spell Check on Paper With Lernstift's Digital Pen. Here I have given the detailed information of spelling checker pen on paper, which is used to correcting the error or spelling on paper. Read this article to know about new spelling checker pen.
                           In this technology world, each and every object is designed by latest technology through that only we live our life in a easy way. Now technology is also inserts in the simple and small things like a pen, pencil etc. While writing we make many spelling mistakes it is normal to all and now you can easily avoid this mistake by using this digital spelling checker pen.

Overview of Lernstift's Digital Pen

Spell Check by digital Pen

                          A new project in the form of a pen that is Lernstift's Digital Pen, which is currently operate in two modes that is orthography and calligraphy. It doesn't need any other external accessories to operate. In the circuit of a pen has ARM processor running Linux, positioning sensors, an oscillator for physical-vibration feedback and Wi-Fi.

Inventor of digital pen

                           The digital pen is invented by Falk Wolsky and Daniel Kaesmacher in German. By using this digital pen we can easily correct our spelling mistakes on paper. While writing on the paper, when you make a mistake the digital pen vibrates to indicate your spelling mistake. Sensor is fit inside of the pen to recognising the writing movements on the paper and recognize words by tracking the shape of the letters through that a pen vibrates while done a mistake.

Technology of digital pen

                           Sensor is used to track the error on the paper. The digital pen also has Wi-Fi built-in. Upload the written texts online by connecting a pen with a smartphone or PC. Lernstift is an embedded Linux system. The board of the digital pen contains a non-optical motion sensor, processor, memory, Wi-Fi and vibration module, pictured. You can easily replace the refill. This technology is helpful to children and adults to develop their writing and spelling skills with the instant. 

                          This idea is given by Wolsky's wife. For opt the writing movements, the optical sensors is used in the digital pens. Some other pen need any other external instrument with a pen. Software is in-built in a pen with the technology. A gyroscope and accelerator combines in the pen. Inventors has planned for a future models that capable of recognizing grammatical errors.

Functions of digital pen

                          The digital pen has two mode of function that is Orthography Mode and Calligraphy Mode. For recognize misspellings, Orthography Mode is used to get indication through the vibrate of a pen when a word is spelt incorrectly. Calligraphy Mode is used to make it neater. Handwriting software is install inside of the digital pen.

                           Inventor’s future models is totally different, if we didn't know to write the sentence with good grammar the future model of a pen is very useful to point out grammatical mistakes. The software has totally 40 languages to write. Now it is rolled with only two languages that is English and German. This means we can easily learn new languages and it is very helpful to us.


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